Lee Quinby
Executive Director

For most of the past twenty-eight years I have worked as an educator in the world of independent schools. Teaching elementary school for ten years showed me how differently each child learns, and how gratifying it can be to guide their progress. Leading two different schools, for a total of twelve years, gave me a new appreciation for the work of parents and trustees in sustaining a good school. I also became passionate about organizing schools so they can weather any changes that might occur. In between those leadership experiences I worked at the university level and in public education, but missed the vitality and collective purpose of the learning communities I know best. So I returned home to independent school education.

Working behind-the-scenes in ACIS schools, I bring a valuable perspective to the school accreditation process by understanding the challenges of leadership from the inside, while supporting school improvement from the outside. The best part of this job involves learning about the unique culture of each school, and making sure the accreditation process supports its mission.

While many educators struggle for a chance to see beyond test scores, I am fortunate to serve independent schools where there is strong appreciation for the learning that cannot be measured: curiosity, wonder, integrity, friendship, imagination and perseverance. These are the qualities that enable independent school graduates to find their true path in our fast-changing world.

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